Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Akeboshi: Akeboshi

Today's been a pretty awful day....but I'm sure it will get better. I'm posting this a little ahead of the schedule I drew up, but I felt it is a nice change of pace and is the kind of music the helps sooth those rough days. Akeboshi is a fantastic singer/songwriter from Japan and I absolutely fell in love with his sound after hearing "Wind" as one of the ending themes for "Naruto" a few years back. Akeboshi has a distinct pop-folk sound with odd time signatures but he also unique due to the fact that he frequently uses English. In fact his second album (which I will post as well) is completely in English. This is a great listen and your are robbing your ears of great music if you don't listen. I also included extra tracks from his ep's prior to the release of this s/t debut. Enjoy!

1. Wind (Album Version)
2. Night and Day
3. Hey There (Album Version)
4. no wish (Album Version)
5. 秋風のうた
6. 廃墟のソファ (Album Version)
7. A Nine Days' Wonder
8. White reply (Album Version)
9. Faerie Punks
10. Morning high (Album Version)
11. Tall boy
12. The Audience
13. 神様の舌打ち / 時の舟
Stoned Twon (2002)
no wish

White Reply(2003)
Morning high
White Reply

Faerie Punks (2004)
Hey There

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