Monday, May 21, 2012

Akiko Yano: Japanese Girl

Here's Yano's debut. Great album and courtesy of "The Vault" Enjoy!

Japanese Girl (1976)

1. 気球にのって
2. クマ
3. 電話線
4. 津軽ツアー
5. ふなまち唄パート2
6. 大いなる椎ノ木
7. へりこぷたぁ
8. 風太
9. 丘を越えて
10. ふなまち唄パート1


Brian said...

Akiko Yano is great! Thanks!

xザクx said...

Watch out for a few more of hers. Thanks for the comment Brian!

Corwyn said...

Zach!! - thank you for posting this great concept album. I find it truly interesting and it makes for thoughtful listening. Look forward to more of her postings from you.

Sra. Soft said...
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