Wednesday, May 16, 2012

K-Pop Selections: S.E.S. (에스.이.에스) - Sea & Eugene & Shoo / Baby V.O.X (베이비복스) - Why

School ended a little earlier today so I thought I'd work on some postings. I've got a lot of things planned and I hope everyone will enjoy them. I thought I return back to some K-pop and post two great albums that have grown on me recently, particularly the one from S.E.S. I found these files earlier this year from an old k-pop blog, pre-meagupload raid. They aren't the best quality but they still sound great. While the music is relatively new to me, it is rich with nostalgia. Particularly the first two tracks on S.E.S's second album. Both produced by Yoo Young-Jin , they capture both his signature styles and the feeling of the late 90's and early 2000's. Baby V.O.x's 4th effort is their first of the 2000's and in my opinion their best album.배신 is an great pop song and is complimented by the albums title track and "Bad Boy". Unfortunately, record/CD stores are scarce in Korea and when I do find some old cd's they are overly priced. So, if anyone happens to be a fan of K-pop from this era or older, please let me know and send me your files! I wouldn't even be at this stage though if it were not for FEN and his always impressive selections. Thank you FEN! Enjoy!

Also, visitors please check out my friend corwyn's freshly started blog. With the recent announcement from JJ and the force retirement of many blogs, I hope the few of us remaining can keep the spirit alive. I know I don't always have the most popular of post choices, infrequent postings and varying audio quality, but I do this for the chance to get the word out about the music I love and I've met some great people along the way!

1. Shy Boy
2. Dreams Come True
3. Snow. X-mas
4. 너를 사랑해
5. 느낌
6. 비가
7. 애인 찾기
8. 너에게
9. Kiss
10. Eternal Love

1. Why
2. 배신
3. 회상
4. 허락
5. Overlap
6. Lux (별)
7. 슬픈 별에서
8. Bad Boy
9. 올가미
10. Before Sunrise
11. Patron (만화 건드레스)
12. Why (MR)


Corwyn said...

hey Zach! thank you for posting the K - Pop Selections. Always looking forward to your postings. Am gonna d/l the selections and listen to them presently. Piping in K-pop tunes while working....that works big time!

fenikon said...

Eugene 유진,, NOW... she is "Housewife...",,,,,

If 김태희 (Kim Tae Hee) is married...
I wanna die..~~!!!!

If the day comes.... Please..Zach... Kill me...~~!!!

hahhaahhaaha....^^ Joke joke...^^

Ah... Teacher Zach~~!!
(SAM Zach~!! 잭 선생님~~!!)

How was your first "Teacher's Day" in Korea~!!???^^

Was is a "FLOWER HEAVEN"???^^