Thursday, May 31, 2012

Carmen Maki & OZ: 閉ざされた町

Can't believe May is over....time goes by too fast and come June 19th I'll have been in Korea for 4 months! This month's most popular posts have been for Seiko Matsuda, Akiko Yano, Akeboshi, Perfume and Carmen Maki & OZ. So for popularity sake, here is Carmen Maki & OZ's 2nd album and Perfume's 2nd below! More Akeboshi and Akiko Yano will be posted soon as well! Enjoy!

閉ざされた町 (1976)

1. Introduction

2. 崩壊の前日

3. 振り子のない時計

4. 火の鳥

5. Lost Love

6. 閉ざされた町

7. Epilogue

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