Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yoo Young-Jin (유영진): 지애(之愛)

His last album before becoming a full time producer/arranger/songwriter. His voice is definitely at its best here and his productions are top notch. Great early 2000's pop album. Enjoy!

1. Dear My Family (feat. 문희준, 강타, S.E.S., 신화, Fly To The Sky, Boa)
2. ...之愛 (지애)
3. Unconditional Kismet
4. 그녀를 일으켜라 (Get Her Up) (feat. Shawn 'Rize' Kook)
5. Someday
6. 수호천사 (Guardian Angel)
7. 혼자 있으면 (Alone)
8. That'S The Way (feat. Coolio)
9. Crazy Love
10. Growing Up (feat. Justin Robinson Daniel Ie Blanc(logic) Shawn 'rize' Kook)
11. Mo` Jazzy
12. Obsession
13. One Moment (feat. Justin Robinson Daniel Ie Blanc(logic))
14. That`S The Way (Korean Version) (feat. Coolio)
15. 혼자있으면... 내영혼의 친구와 함께
Sorry Sorry (R&B Remix)
Beautiful Girls (Feat.유영진)


Richard Andres Muñoz Villegas said...

Hey Friend, really really I am needing this album, the link in mediafire, is damaged, Can you repair it? Thanks!

vivien lee said...

hi there, the file in mediafire is no long available. Do you mind uploading the file again please. I really like this album. Thank you.