Friday, May 25, 2012

Carmen Maki & OZ: Carmen Maki & OZ

Back from a two day workshop and ready to enjoy my three day weekend. Judging by whats been popular recently, I thought this one would follow suit. Carmen Maki is a great Japanese songstress starting her career in the mid 60's and she is still recording today. After a string of solo albums and a single effort with the established group "BLUES CREATION", Maki help form a new group in a progressive rock vein named "OZ". The group released 3 albums and one live album and were fairly successfully despite Carmen Maki reportedly having a diminishing status in the music world around the time of their debut. I find their music to be fairly enjoyable and I was glad to have discovered this album (along with the second) on "The Vault". Enjoy!

1. 六月の詩
2. 朝の風景
3. Image Song
4. 午前1時のスケッチ
5. きのう酒場で見た女
6. 私は風

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