Saturday, May 18, 2013

Epik High: Remapping the Human Soul

I am a huge fan of Korean Hip Hop and this album was a special introductory to the genre for me. It still to this day remains my favorite Hip Hop album of all time. It is the best example of what Epik High as a group could accomplish and its size and scope push the boundaries of what can be considered a Hip Hop/Rap album. While I enjoy a large of amount of Western Hip Hop, Korea seems to understand how this genre is an art form and not purely a disposable money maker as it has become in the States. Epik High may have their fair share of controversy and dissenters but they remain an influential force in the music industry and can be compared to pioneers in the country like Seo Taiji, Drunken Tiger, Dynamic Duo and many others. Wether you are fan of rap or not, I promise you that this album at least breaks down some conventions that the genre too often depends on. Enjoy and more to come if you all like it! The entire album is streamed curtesy of youtube user MrChosonWind below! THANK YOU! 2007 seems like ancient history now.

Remapping the Human Soul (2007)

The Brain [Disc 1]                                                                                
1. The End Times (Opening)                                                                 
2. 백야(白夜)
3. 알고 보니 (Feat. Jinbo)
4. 실어증 (Feat. Paloalto)
5. Mr. Doctor (Feat. Yankie)
6. Runaway (Mithra's Word)
7. Exile (Halftime)
8. Still Life (Feat. Jinbo, The Quiett, Kebee, TBNY, MC Meta)
9. 피해망상 Part 1 (Feat. Junggigo)
10. 희생양 (Feat. Sweet Sorrow)
11. Nocturne (Tablo's Word)
12. 혼
13. In Peace (Closing)

The Heart [Disc 2]
1. Slave Song (overture)
2. Flow (feat. Emi Hinouchi)
3. Love/crime (prelude)
4. Fan
5. 거미줄 (feat. ITTA)
6. 선곡표 (feat. DJ Zio)
7. 중독 (feat. Wanted)
8. Underground Railroad
9. FAQ
10. Love Love Love (feat. Yoongjin of Casker)
11. Girl Rock (feat. Jiae)
12. Broken Toys (feat. Infinite Flow)
13. 행복합니다 (feat. JW of Nell)
14. Public Execution (Finale)
15. [Hidden Track]

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