Friday, May 17, 2013

Yasushi Nakanishi: WARMIN'

I don't have to much knowledge about Nakanishi (no relation to Keizo) but I thought I'd give one of his  albums a chance when I came by it. I was pleasantly surprised with his smooth 90's R&B style. While this album doesn't included his biggest hit, I think it's a good introduction. Nakanishi maintained a steady career throughout the 90's but seems to be still performing today. I hope you take a chance and check this album. Enjoy! If anyone happens to have any of his other albums, I am interested^^

1. 想い出を閉じこめて
2. Just feel it!
3. 君はせつない残酷
4. 言葉でいえる愛
5. 千年前から見つめていた
6. ガールフレンド
7. 一日の終わりに
8. 2nd TIME
9. 遠くわずかなDISTANCE

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