Saturday, May 25, 2013

Miki Imai: elfin

Finally got ahold of this one thanks to an online uploader! Two more early albums of her's to come! Enjoy! Hope Corwyn and Fen don't have this yet! 

elfin (1987)

1. どしゃ降りWonderland
2. ポールポジション
3. クラブ・ロンリーハーツ・エキゾティカ
4. 思いだしただけ
5. ふたりでスプラッシュ
6. ラスト・シークエンス
8. 光の夢
9. elfin
10. 野性の風 (Album Remix)
野性の風 (Single Version)

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Corwyn said...

Zach! thank you much for this upload. I have been wanting to listen to this album for quite sometime now. It is my fault actually for I have been dragging my feet in buying a new turntable in order to post elfin and femme. I look forward for the other two early albums of hers. thanks again! yeah!