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Gamu: 雅夢ベストコレクション〜最終章〜

Gamu (雅夢) is a folk pop duo that formed in 1980 while members Kazuto Miura and Nakagawa Toshikazu were attending Chukyo University. After winning a song contest that same year, they would go on to a fairly successful career until they disbanded in 1984. Their initial success was largely due to the popularity of their first single "愛はかげろう", which was revived two decades later with its use in the popular Korean drama "Winter Sonata". Kazuto Miura continued with a solo career and still performs today with the occasional song from his days in Gamu. This three disc collection encompasses songs from their short lived run and includes nearly every song they recorded. I was only familiar with "愛はかげろう" but when I came across this online, I was blown away. 雅夢 roughly translates to Elegant Dream and that's exactly what their music is. I had to share this with everyone and thanks to the original uploader (whoever you are). I highly recommend this album and I promise there is something for everyone. Enjoy!

雅夢ベストコレクション〜最終章〜 (2012)

[Disc  1]
1. 愛はかげろう
2. 銀色の情景
3. 十六夜物語
4. 薄氷
5. 追いかけて
6. じゅてーむ
7. 残秋から
8. グッドバイ
9. 冬京
10. 気まぐれ
11. 悲しくて
12. 雪よ降れ
13. 振り返ればそこに
14. 倖せな気分
15. 夢で逢いたいから
16. 風

[Disc 2]
1. 浮雲
2. 陽だまり
3. サヨナラのスケッチ
4. 桜びえ
5. シャボン玉
6. 現身
7. 俺達の詩
8. サイレント・サンライト
9. 白い想い
10. 哀しみのブラマンジェ
11. 秋時雨
12. 霧雨の旅人
13. 19の肖像
14. サヨナラの水たまり
15. たそがれ詩人
16. 帰らぬ河のほとりで

[Disc 3]
1. くりかえす今日のために -飛翔-
2. 心はパラダイス
3. 夜に抱かれて
4. 円舞曲(ワルツ)
5. レイジー トワイライト
6. 独身喜族
7. 俺のプロポーズ
8. 草笛の頃
9. 疑心暗鬼ストリート
10. 壊れた夜
11. 辛口のゲーム
12. さよならのシナリオ
13. 河にそって歩こうか
14. 真夜中のドライバー
15. 夕映えよ心の鳩を抱け
16. 風のように時のように

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