Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yuki Saito: AXIA [RE-UP]

dre requested this one back in Feburary. I happened to reup it before I left Korea but didnt have time to post. Enjoy!

AXIA (1985)

1. 卒業
2. 石鹸色の夏
3. 青春
4. フィナーレの風
5. AXIA 〜かなしいことり〜
6. 白い炎
7. 上級生
8. 手のひらの気球船
9. 感傷ロマンス
10. 雨のロードショー
11. 雪灯りの町


dre said...

thx so so so sooooo much brO omg you just don't know how much I appreciate this damN I'm putting this on my zune right away! can you reuP some akina too? like the crimson album? I have the first fvie of akina not the later stuff Thx a billion brO!!! and you just noticed how long it took me to come back lol I was just looking at saitou yuki vids have a good time in Korea I want to go there too someday

Unknown said...

cheers mate, amazing singer only just found out about her, 80's J-pop is the best!