Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Miki Imai: fiesta & MOCHA

Here are two more from Miki Imai. fiesta is an interesting compilation of covers of popular western songs from the 70's (The Carpenters, Peaches & Herb, Roberta Flack, etc.) with two original songs (one instrumental) . The songs are sung in English with Miki's voice and the arrangements complimenting the original versions very well. Also included is MOCHA, her third full length LP and her last of the 80's. Both great albums thanks to an anonymous uploader! Enjoy! 

fiesta (1988)

1. Prelude
2. (They long to be) Close to you
3. The lady wants to know
4. Reunited
5. Feel like makin' love
6. Snow falling thick and slow
7. Lovin' you
8. Superstar
9. Company~Epilogue~
10. ひとりでX'mas

MOCHA (1989)

1. TOKYO 8月サングラス
2. 横顔からI LOVE YOU
3. Boogie-Woogie Lonesome High-Heel (Album Version)
4. Anytime Manytimes
5. 飽きたら言って
6. 明るくなるまで
7. ありふれたlove scene
8. 泳ぐ
9. 地上に降りるまでの夜

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