Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Masahiro Andoh: Arc the Lad Original Game Sound Track

Arc the Lad is a strategy RPG game that was developed for the Playstation One in 1995. It was also the first video game soundtrack to be composed by Masahiro Andoh of The Square/T-Square fame. Andoh would go on to compose a multitude of game soundtracks including  the games two sequels. These were eventually released State side in a wonderful compilation thanks to now defunt Working Designs. While I enjoy the games for what they are, they aren't personal favorites but the music for the first game is fantastic. The album featured is arranged version of the protagonists themes and orchestral arrangements of the games themes. Even if you aren't familiar with the game or play games, the soundtrack is a definitely listen for any fan of Andoh. Enjoy!  

Arc the Lad Original Game Sound Track (1995)

1. Opening**

2. Arc
3. Kukuru
4. Poco
5. Tosh
6. Gogen
7. Chongara
8. Iga
9. Finale**
10. Departure**
11. Ending**

**performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Keiichi Oku 

Also featuring
Hirotaka Izumi, Hiroyuki Noritake, Toshimi Nagai, Masato Honda, Mitsuru Sudoh, Takayuki Hijikata & Jun Kajiwara

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Satori said...

Nice soundtrack. Andoh is great!!