Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Akiko Yano: はじめてのやのあきこ

This will be the last Akiko Yano post for a while (at least until I can get a hold of more). A short mini album of sorts featuring subdued duet versions of some of her biggest songs. Good listen. Enjoy!

はじめてのやのあきこ (2006)

1. 自転車でおいで (feat. Noriyuki Makihara)
2. 中央線 (feat. Oda Kazumasa)
3. PRESTO (Acoustic Version)
4. ごはんができたよ (feat. YUKI)
5. 架空の星座 (feat. Yōsui Inoue)
6. ひとつだけ (feat. Kiyoshirō Imawano)
7. そこのアイロンに告ぐ (feat. Hiromi Uehara) ※〈特殊紙パッケージ仕様〉


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