Sunday, June 3, 2012

Number Girl: School Girl Bye Bye

Number Girl was a four piece japanese alt rock outfit spawning out of Fukouka in 1995. This is their debut, released independently in 1997. I would describe their early sound as something in between the Pixes and Sonic youth with more of a 90's pop punk edge, but it began to evolve as time progressed! The group disbanded in 2002, but most of the members are still active in other projects, particularly lead singer Shutoku Mukai's band Zanzen Boys. Check it and if you like what ya hear, there will be more to come! Enjoy!

1. omoide in my head
2. 大当たりの季節
4. September girlfriend
6. 水色革命
7. 渚にて
8. SUMMER of California 73
9. mini grammer
10. 我起立唯我一人
11. 4 track professional