Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Music from the films of Takeshi Kitano: Kids Return

After the failure of Sonatine, Kitano tried to evoke his roots with a slapstick comedy film "Getting Any? (みんな~やってるか!)" two years later in 1995. However, just like his other previous efforts, it failed to garner any positive attention. In addition in 1994 shortly after finishing filming "Getting Any?", Kitano was involved in a motorscooter accident causing paralysis in half of his body. He would later remark that he was suffering from large amounts of depression and that the accident was an "unconscious suicide attempt". That aside though, Kitano was determined to return to work on a new project after recovering. Kids Return became Kitano's 6th film, dealing with the relationship of two friends and their lives after dropping out of high school. Kitano once again worked with Joe Hisaishi and Hisaishi created yet another beautiful score to compliment another great film. Kids Return became Kitano's most successful film up to that point in his career and I consider it to be one of his best films. Enjoy!

1. Meet Again
2. Graduation
3. Angel Doll
4. Alone
5. As a Rival
6. Promise...For Us
7. Next Round
8. Destiny
9. I Don't Care
10. High Spirits
11. Defeat
12. Break Down
13. No Way Out
14. The Day After
15. Kids Return

Here's the full film with English subs!

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