Monday, June 11, 2012

Music from the films of Takeshi Kitano: Violent Cop (その男, 凶暴につき)

While I will continue to post various albums in addition, I thought I'd do a string of post dedicated to one of my favorite film directors, Takeshi Kitano. Kitano's the god of "Meta" yakuza films and his acute sensibilities regarding all aspects of his craft are usually unsurpassed, always controversial and at times mislead. Beginning his career as a stand up comedian, Kitano accidentally fell into film making when the director of Violent Cop (その男, 凶暴につき) had to drop out of the project. The film was supposed to be a comedy but Kitano, now at the reigns, decided to completely alter the project and thus began the first of many experimental Japanese mob movies. His films of course have taken on many different themes as the times have gone on, but this is the film that molded his career for the past 20+ years. This score, done by Daisuke Kume, compliments the film very well. Particularly the main theme standouts but so does Kume's variation of French composer Erik Saite's piece, Gnossiennes I
. The film is great and so to is the soundtrack and both come recommended. Enjoy!

Violent Cop (その男, 凶暴につき) (1989) Daisaku Kume, Marc A Cesti

1. 我妻のテーマ(グノシェンヌ1)
2. その男,凶暴につき(エンドタイトル)
3. 清弘のテーマ
4. 我妻のテーマ2
5. その男,凶暴につき(メインテーマ)
6. フェアー(グノシェンヌ1)
7. Intorno Al Idol Mio
8. その男, 凶暴につき (Sax Version)
Satie: Gnossiennes - 1. Lent
Satie: Gnossiennes - 2. Avec Étonnement
Satie: Gnossiennes - 3. Lent
Satie: Gnossiennes - 4. Lent
Satie: Gnossiennes - 5. Modéré
Satie: Gnossiennes - 6. Avec Conviction Et Avec Une Tristesse Rigoureuse


Zahid said...

Would love this soundtrack, did some searching and could only find it here. The link is broken, is there any way you might have a backup? Thanks

Allen said...

The link is broken, my good man. How about a reupload?