Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Khaled: Sahra

Khaled, the unofficially dubbed "King of Raï" is an influential Algerian pop singer-songwriter and instrumentalist who specializes in raï music. Raï originated in Algeria and holds its roots in folk music but incorporates many other genres. Its comparable to the Enka or Trot music of Asia, except with an Arab vibe. Also due to Algeria's history and its proximity to many varying nations, raï singers typically incorporate different languages into their songs and many songs are politically charged. However, what I find remarkable is how upbeat and danceable the music typically is, contrasting with most other protest songs. This album was named after Khaled's daughter and the album is dedicated to her. The track "Aïcha" was a popular international pop hit, particularly because it was sung in both Arabic and French. Funny enough I first found out Khaled through the infamous internet video, Gellieman, back in the early 2000's. While I'm assuming this isn't for everyone, I always like posting varying music options. With around 40,000 songs currently in my computer, I'm hardly covering the large variance of genres I listen to. Check it out, enjoy and "Pfffffffffffffff..."!

1. Sahra
2. Oran Marseille (Oran Mix)
3. Aïcha
4. Lillah
5. Ouelli El Darek (with the I Threes)
6. Detni Essekra
7. Wallou Wallou
8. Ki Kounti (with Saúl Hernández)
9. Wahrane Wahrane
10. Haya Haya
11. Mektoubi
12. Hey Ouedi
13. Oran Marseille (with Akhenaton and Shurik'n of IAM)
14. Sratli
15. Le jour viendra

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