Friday, June 8, 2012

Anime Soundtrack Selections: Angel's Egg, Ghost in the Shell & Perfect Blue

While only one of these soundtracks was requested, I thought I'd spice it up and include two other soundtracks from some, let's say, experimental anime films. I love all three films (two of which are done by Mamoru Oshii) and I feel all three really pushed the boundaries of what could be expected of animation and also really challenged the viewers. Highly recommended and I hope you all enjoy!

Angel's Egg (1985) Yoshihiro Kanno [REPOST]

1. Prelude
2. Dreaming Eggs
3. Mechanical Sun
4. Angel's Egg, Main Theme
5. Memory of Water
6. Beyond the Window5
7. Town of Sea Bed
8. Fish Hunting
9. Opera House
10. Accumulation of Time
11. Angel's Fossil
12. Night Thief
13. Transmigration
14. Different God

1. Making of Cyborg
2. Ghosthack
3. Puppetmaster
4. Virtual Crime
5. Ghost City
6. Access
7. Nightstalker
8. Floating Museum
9. Ghostdive
10 .Reincarnation
11. Bonus Track

Perfect Blue Original Soundtrack (1998) CHAM, Masahiro Ikumi & M-Voice

1. 愛の天使
2. 一人でも平気
3. 未麻のテーマ
4. 悪夢
5. バーチャ未麻
6. 内田のテーマ
7. 想い出に抱かれて今は
8. 悪夢(KAMINARIヴァージョン)
9. バーチャ未麻(VOICEヴァージョン)


buzz johnson said...

perfect blue is a stark and poignant anime that my friends and i enjoyed dearly. thank you so very much for the original soundtrack. years of searching have brought me to this moment.

xザクx said...

Buzz~ I'm glad the wait is finally over! I hope there's more on the blog to offer you as well. Thanks for the comment and visit, it means the world!

Lastscream Lastscream said...

Thans a lot for the Soundtrack from Angels Egg! For hope and that we never lose the child in our hearts! Greetings from Germany!

またけし - Matakeshi カハホリ - Kahahori said...

Thank you so much for the 'Angel's Egg' soundtrack. I was so afraid not enough people had heard of it and it would be near impossible to find. I shall check out the other two as well! I have seen a couple eps of 'Ghost in the Shell' (Not the file isn't there anymore.) I got 'Perfect Blue' though! Thanks again.

aiborie said...

Hey thanks Zach! Been searching for this one for ages!