Friday, June 15, 2012

Music from the Films of Takeshi Kitano: Brother

After a string of successful films and a few acting roles outside of Japan, Kitano set his sights on the foreign market and in 2000 released his first and only US film, Brother. While much of the film is in Japanese, the story takes place in Los Angeles (ironically Little Tokyo) following a war between a newly formed "American Yakuza" and the "Mafia" . Despite its numerous flaws (and there are many), I still relatively enjoyed the film and I think Kitano's style and Hisaishi's soundtrack have a lot to do with that. Kitano vowed though to never pursue another similar project, as he would come to regret the experience. 2000 also saw the release of Jet Li's "Romeo Must Die", another horrible venture in the Far East vs West Coast theme and I'm glad no for the most part, a film is released internationally and directors feel less pressure to do these kinds of projects. Also to note, while Kitano has several actors that he uses in nearly every film he does, Brother became the second film in which he worked with actor Claude Maki. Great soundtrack, enjoy!

1. Drifter... in LAX
3. Tattoo
4. Death Spiral
5. Party (One Year Later)
6. On the Shore
7. Blood Brother
8. Raging Men
9. Beyond the Control
10. Wipe Out"
11. Liberation from the Death
12. I Love You, Aniki
13. Ballade
14. Brother
15. Brother (Remix version)

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