Friday, June 15, 2012

Music from the films of Takeshi Kitano: Kikujiro (菊次郎の夏)

After the success of HANA-BI, Kitano returned with another "journey" film Kikujiro (菊次郎の夏). The film focuses on the summer exploits of a young boy and a man who lives for gambling and is one of Kitano's most lighthearted films. Once again, Hisaishi and Kitano collaborated on the project, producing perhaps one of Hisaishi's most recognized pieces "Summer". Great film, great soundtrack, enjoy! anyone else not enjoying this new blogger layout?
나는 새 블로그 템플릿을 싫어요!

Kikujiro (菊次郎の夏) (1999)

1. Summer
2. Going Out
3. Mad Summer
4. Night Mare
5. Kindness
6. The Rain
7. Real Eyes
8. Angel Bell
9. Two Hearts
10. Mother
11. River Side
12. Summer Road

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