Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir: Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares

I first came upon this beautiful music in an episode of the HBO series "Carnivale". The choral music from Bulgaria and unlike anything you've ever heard and although I've heard many of the songs numerous times, I still get chills with each listening. These other worldly tunes come highly recommended and you'd be denying yourself greatly if you didn't take a listen!

1. Pilentze Pee
2. Svatba
3. Kalimankou Denkou
4. Strati Na Angelaki Doumasche
5. Polegnala E Pschenitza
6. Messetschinko Lio Greïlivko
7. Breï Yvane
8. Erghen Diado
9. Sableyalo Mi Agontze
10. Prïtourïtze Planinata
11. Mir Stanke Le
12. Schopska Pesen
13. Polegnala E Todora

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